Tile painted entirely by hand with the majolica technique or "sobrecubierta" with its own design with an intertwined motif with flowers in the seventies style and with glazes made especially for this model.

Tile of 15cm x15cm x 6,5 mm
Out of stock. Product on request
1m2 are 49 tiles

If you want another color or any other variation, consult with the Workshop by any of the contact forms.

*Shipping costs not included


* Tiles for wall covering and / or baseboard, for interior or exterior. To cover 1 meter2 49 tiles are needed, it is recommended to order an additional 10% tiles to shorten and fit. Gap size 2mm grout space.
* This “Cristy red” model has a matching skirting board model "Kris red"of 7.5cm x 15cm that you can find in the Catalog or in the Online Shop.
Delivery orders two weeks less than 10 tiles.
6-8 week delivery for orders over 10 tiles.

Tile features:
Size: 15cmx15xmx 6,5mm
Weight: 240 gramos
Firing: 980ºC
Red clay industrial support tile

NOTE: There may be slight differences in the color tones and textures between the tile shown in the images and the newly made tile, since as it is hand painted and with glazes made to order, each piece is unique and handmade.

Shipping is not included in the price. Shipments up to 5Kg of weight from 7 € to the peninsula and 10 € to the Balearic Islands. The exact cost of shipping is indicated in the order Confirmation email. For other international destinations ask for information.

The shipment is made by courier and is insured.
For these items the shipping price and delivery time is calculated based on the weight of the order and the destination and can be from 48 hours to several days depending on the characteristics of the items purchased.
El coste del envío se indica al finalizar el proceso de compra y se le enviará un correo electrónico de confirmación de la compra y su precio final. Si tiene alguna duda al respecto por favor contácteme mediante el email o wsp. El embalaje que se utiliza para los envíos en su mayoría es de materiales reciclados o reutilizados, plástico de burbujas, corcho y cartón para prevenir roturas, y asegurar la llegada del producto en perfectas condiciones a su destino.

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1 azulejo de 15cmx15cmx6,5mm, 1metro 2 = 49 azulejos