The order can be one of the items available in the CATALOG LIST

In this Catalog you can find:

REPRODUCTIONS OF ANTIQUE PIECES have been carefully selected by me for their beauty, originality, personal meaning and captivating emotional power.

EXCLUSIVE AND ORIGINAL PIECES designed in the workshop include new creations through a laborious process of execution.

There may be slight differences in the color tones and textures between the tile shown in the Catalog and the newly made tile, since when it is painted by hand and with glazes made to order, each piece is unique and none is exactly the same to another.

Of this Catalog you can request color or size variations and it is just a sample of the works that can be done in artistic decorative ceramics.

Most of the items in the Catalog are offered in the Online Shop line where you can purchase them directly.

If you want to order some of the products from the Catalog not available in the store, contact me through: Whatsapp, email or the contact form and I will inform you about everything you want to know. I will send you in 48 hours the price of the order of the tiles plus the approximate price of the shipment that is calculated based on the weight and destination, the Delivery time will be determined at the time of purchase.

Request a free quote. Jobs can be collected or sent home.

In a r t e c a s a n u e v a  a ceramic created especially for you is made, with an artisan manufacture of the tiles or ceramic pieces ordered, and applying the different techniques used with mastery. Each piece receives an individualized treatment that makes it a unique and unrepeatable work with the handwritten signature. All orders are carried out with the utmost professionalism and in order to deliver a quality artistic work to you.

Tiles For Wall Covering

To order wall covering tiles, it is recommended to first place an order for a sample to check that the tile colors you have seen on the screen match your taste before placing a larger order. You can buy a unit of a model of the Catalog Through the Online Shop (if it is offered in the Store), and in case of placing a larger order later, this sample will be deducted from the final price.

Some skirting board tiles models have a border tile designed to match,which may or may not be used according to the client's taste, the Catalog shows examples of the complete panel. The good geometry of the tiles and continuous design motifs allow installation without joints.

Prices for wall covering tiles are per unit  and per approximate m2 since the different sizes of the tiles do not correspond exactly to 100cmx100cm. In the case of borders the prices are also per unit and per running meter (approximate)

In the catalogue the prices are indicated depending on quantity, if you have any doubts please contact the workshop for more information.

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