Decorative arts such as ceramics are distinguished by having an aesthetic value and an utilitarian character. Ceramic design is the language of shapes, drawings, colors and textures of clay and glazes.


The creativity to invent, imagine and produce a new or different work is a necessity and a constant stimulus for me. As a result, conveying a personal imprint seems inevitable


In my work there is an eagerness to search for original designs adapted to the current construction, to find for tiles a tune with the new times and functionality. Following the trends in design and aesthetics for architectural decoration and integrating it into artistic ceramics is one of the challenges that I am passionate about.

"Crafts belong to a world before the separation between the useful and the beautiful."

“In crafts there is a continuous back and forth between utility and beauty; that swing has a name: pleasure. "

"The artisan object satisfies a need to recreate ourselves with the things we see and touch, whatever its daily uses"

 "In its perpetual oscillation between beauty and utility, pleasure and service, the artisanal object gives us lessons in sociability"

 "Craftsmanship is a physical presence that enters us through the senses and in which the principle of utility is continually broken in favor of tradition, fantasy and even caprice"


Octavio Paz

Excerpts from the essay “El uso y la contemplación”


Designing is sketching, drawing & planning. Any drawing requires sketches to achieve a design of ceramic pieces destined to satisfy the needs or tastes of the client in custom-made works

"Drawing is the language of anxieties and uncertainties, in them are the successes and rectifications, the trace of a process, the insistence and everything that is later hidden in the final work, lost after a final configuration" (P. Jiménez Burillo)


Every original piece of work is created through a meticulous process that combines drawing and ceramic decorative techniques as well as the choice of appropriate materials: clay support, glazes, brushes, knobs and many other and the final firing in the kiln to obtain the desired final product.

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