When undertaking a work, you must always take into account the decorative technique that is chosen and make the most of it to obtain a beautiful result, other times original or to better fit the image you want to represent.

In this “DREZ” mural of 20cm x 100cm long, and made up of five tiles, I have used the dry rope technique. The motif of the mural is inspired by an antique satin embroidered fabric. The colors are important and in this case there are only two shades of black and ocher, because in the work it is the textures of the enamels that I wanted them to be the protagonists.

For the decoration I have made the enamels with a mixture of tin oxide and iron oxide. Tin oxide is normally white in color. Iron oxide has been one of the most important ceramic colorants in pottery for centuries. Unprocessed red or natural iron oxide gives more unstable and uneven results than if it is treated, and with it you get warm colors ranging from light ocher or straw to reddish browns and intense browns.

For this mural, the enamel made contains tin oxide and iron oxide plus lead flux, and when firing at high temperatures in the oven the color it acquires is light ocher, more or less white depending on the amount of tin. The surface is SATIN and contrasts with the black enamel that is INTENSE GLOSSY and with more relief, achieving a PLAY OF TEXTURES.

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